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Legal assistance worldwide is a place where anyone can find legal help anywhere in the world. Sometimes people find themselves in a different country when suddenly a situation arises which requires the aid of a professional who knows how the law works in that particular place. This is where this site comes into play. We provide information not only about local lawyers in different parts of the world but also general legal information and news in different jurisdictions.

Legal Assistance in English

Legal AssistanceIn countries where English is not the official language it is important to be able to find a local attorney who speaks and is fluent in English. Legal systems around the world will usually provide interpreters for people who find themselves in criminal processes or investigations, if they donĀ“t speak the local language. This is not too reliable if you are the defendant in a criminal case, but sometimes that is your only choice. That is usually the case when people cannot find local lawyer who truly speaks English and is experienced enough to handle the situation.

However, in other types of legal situations, it is not common for interpreters to be assigned by the court or government.

Lawyers Worldwide

In situations that involve business transactions, family law, traffic accidents and many others or where a foreigner is the victim of a crime, it is important to have a local experienced attorney to assist in the process. Additionally, even if you are in an place where people speak English, you need to have someone who knows the local laws and can defend your interests and rights, under that legal system. As this website grows, it will continue to provide information on attorneys and laws from different parts of the world.

The information provided here can help anyone learn about different legal topics from jurisdictions across the world. If you find it helpful, please share it so that it may be able to benefit everyone. If you are an attorney anywhere in the world and would like to share information on this site or would like to list your services for your local area, contact us by filling out our contact form and someone will be in touch soon. In this site, you can find articles and information in English and Spanish, as well as contact information for lawyers all over the world. Thanks for visiting our Legal Assistance Site.